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L ' A m p o l l a -

village with port and beaches, just 15 minutes drive away from your little paradise in the nature...

L'Ampolla was an old inn of the general area of Tortosa, located on the general road to València. The origin ofX the present town, is in fishing. In the middle of last century there were 11 fishermens11 houses, and the 1860 were already 20. With the construction of the the station of the railway line Tarragona- València (1867) it became the bathing area for a great part of the, especially from Tortosa, where there was a special train for bathers.

At the end of the last century it had 420 inhabitants. The municipality iforms part of the old Caseria del Roquer, next to Camarles. In the bay of the Fangar aquaculture has been developed. There are breeding grounds and a water purifier for seafood. The strong growth of the last years, comes mainly from the tourism. It is the “ beach of Tortosa ”, thousands of “Tortosinos” go there on summer Sundays or have acquired villas or apartments and spend their holidays there. The number of visitors from the Barcelona area is also important as is the increase of foreign visitors. Restaurants, bars, villas and apartments have proliferated, but not hotels.

The port has been recently extended (1991-92) and is now is more important as a marine than a fishing port. One of thebiggest projects is the improvement of the seafront facade. Roman and pre-Roman vestiges have been found in the area, the most important being the “antofixes” found 1920, cooked mud elements that have the shape of woman faces from Greek times. The parochial church (1892) is dedicated to Sant Joan Baptisat. The CN-340 highway passes through L'Ampolla along with the road to Deltebre and the A-7 motorway passes by, of which there is an exit. A main road to L´Ametlla by the coast will soon be built and the railroad from Tarragona-València also passes by..

Camarles (29.00 km2, 2,868 inhabitants) is one of the most modern towns with a better perspective of growth of the low Ebro . It consists of the nucleus of Camarles, the Granadella and the lligallos of the Roig and the Gànguil. It is described as the “Viewpoint of the Delta” because the town is a few meters higher than the delta plain, a place where formerly the sea arrived. Only the third part of the term (931 has) is deltaica. It does not reach the sea by one narrow strip of the municipality of L'Ampolla .
In medieval times the only residents were the defenders of the towers of Camarles and the Granadella, buildings that have been restored. The castle or tower of Camarles is circular made of stone, erected on an old Islamic farmhouse. The one at Granadella is square. In 1150, Ramon Berenguer IV donated the castle of Camarles to Guillem de Sunyer, and the one at Granadella to the bishop at Gaufred

El tiempo en Camarles

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